Why Booklets?

Powerful things can come in small packages and the underappreciated booklet is a great example of that. You have content you want to share with your target market. Yet, we’re all strapped for time, so the old methods of sharing content just aren’t as effective as they used to be.

It’s hard to get people to read your book, watch all your videos or listen to your audios. You need to cut through the clutter with content delivered in a way that is quickly and easily consumable by your target audience.

Whether you’re in the business of selling information products or you’re a service professional, retailer, author or speaker your need to get others to consume your information is not going to go away. And, if you can’t get them to consume your content, the chances of them purchasing additional products and/or services from you drops to almost zilch. And zilch sucks.

Here’s three quick reasons why booklets from the print-on-demand service known as Booklets Delivered are an ideal way for you to share your content:

#1 They’re quick reads. Therefore, they’re far more likely to get consumed by your target audience. At from only 24 to 40 pages the typical person can usually read it all in a few minutes.

#2 Pocket sized. With dimensions less than a typical book they’ll fit into your back pocket or a purse easily. If they carry your content with them they’re far more likely to read it.

#3 Quick to develop. We’ve seen authors who have labored for years to get a book written. The thought of coming up with around a couple hundred pages is intimidating. But you can crank out a booklet in just a few hours.

You probably already have content that you can convert into a booklet. It’s called repurposing and it’s all about not reinventing the wheel every time you need to come up with something new. Do you have any of the following that can be used to quickly develop booklets?

  • Books you’ve previously written that can be segmented into booklets?
  • Audio content you could have transcribed?
  • Tips and/or checklists that are part of an existing course or material.
  • Articles or blog posts you’ve written that could be organized into booklet format. We bet you do.

The more products you have out in the marketplace, whether it’s on Amazon or via any other channel the more likely people will find you and come into your world. Booklets can be great lead magnets for your higher end products and services. Yes, the booklet may be small. But it can be mighty powerful when used the right way.

Now you may be thinking that booklets are only fitting if you’re an author or speaker or someone who sells information products. Not so my friends.

If you’re a service professional such as a chiropractor, an attorney, a dentist, a doctor, a realtor or any of hundreds of other professions booklets can be a valuable tool for your marketing arsenal also. They are an inexpensive item that you can get into the hands of your prospects that will help you establish your credibility as the go to person in your city for your area of expertise.

Sharing valuable tips and hints with your target audience puts you first and foremost in their mind when they’re in need for your type of product or service. And those valuable tips or hints that open your booklet can be followed by a sales letter with a call to action for your higher end products and services. You can even build coupons right into your booklet or drive them to an online appointment calendar.

We can’t stress enough the importance of providing valuable content before you go into any type of sales pitch. The further establishment of your credibility and the building of trust is critical. You really do need to give before you can expect to receive.

Why Booklets Delivered?

Booklets Delivered is a print-on-demand service for your booklets. Never have money tied up in inventory – your booklets are printed and mailed only when your customer orders your booklet. Pricing for booklets is all-inclusive. Just click on the pricing tab for current pricing information.

Your all-inclusive price covers:

  • Printing
  • Mailing envelope
  • Postage
  • Fulfillment fee

Pricing is based on two primary factors.

#1 Number of pages in your booklet (We offer 24, 32 and 40 page options)

#2 Whether we are printing your booklet in full color or in black and white

There is an initial enrollment fee of $97 to join the Booklets Delivered program. For this fee you can place up to three different booklets into the Booklets Delivered system. Additional booklets can be set up for just $47 each.

Want to sell your booklet on Amazon? We’ll give you an ISBN number to use on your booklet as part of your enrollment fee that will enable you to sell your booklet on Amazon. If you’ve checked out pricing for ISBN’s lately you’ll see a single ISBN can cost you up to $125. You’ll get it for no extra charge for enrolling in the program.

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